Meet the Artist


As a self-directed mixed media artist I am committed to being (as coined by Burroughs) an “architect of change” who openly grapples with my own perceptions in hopes to broaden those of others. I aim to connect dots where they seemingly don’t exist by upending the confluence of themes. 

Themes I naturally gravitate toward include transformation, space (outer/inner), and perception/consciousness (especially the unconscious mind, epigenetics, memory--false or otherwise). At heart I love evaluating experiential/sensory fragmentation as it applies to the whole. 

My educational background is in the field of Anthropology, which seeks to understand human beings in all places at all times throughout history, and while this is presumably a noble endeavor I am vastly more focused on the study and creation of Art because I believe Art is the study of spirit and it is spirit that evolves us.


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