Kit's Take

How a PJ Harvey Concert Morphs into a Trippy Lisa-Frankesque Rainbow Cloud

Hi folks. Here's a behind the scenes look at one of my digital-photomontage mini "fugues." Each sequential photo (seen below) represents another phase of the photo editing/manipulating process before reaching a final result. Most of the time one of these sessions can last anywhere on average from 1-4 hours (sometimes longer) depending on the creative flow.  In many ways this process is related to analog painting: shifting perspective, applying new layers of color, adding and subtracting elements, using various tools, etc. All of the images you'll find under the digital photomontage tab on this site are created in this manner. It's also why the original image is included in the series. A fun fact about this process: many times these sessions can produce up to 100s of images. Some of which are obviously slough offs and some of which veer on their own path of becoming entirely new works of art themselves. Therein lies the wonder of creative play. Maybe a future post will feature the slough-offs. Until then happy arting.