Kit's Take

A Whole New World

The world has once again grown wearisome, dreadfully dull, insane, illogical in the worst way possible, dehumanizing, cutthroat, & lamentable. It’s tiresome and over.

So, I’ll envision an entirely new world: part Alice in Wonderland, part Hieronymus Bosch, part Dali, part Miro—


It will be phantasmagorical—fantastical, a visual masterpiece, colorful beyond the human visual spectrum, lush, opulent, ridiculous, illogical in the best way possible, no limitations to creativity, a paradiso, an egalitarian utopia, every step taken makes yet another symphonic note in its everlasting opus.


Some inhabitants include or rather a Mad Tea Party will ensue with the following residents (in no particular order and subject to change):


Einstein, Beethoven, Dali (of course), Hoch, Mitchell, Fine, Tanning, Huxley (perhaps), Miro, Lennon and Ringo, Rumi, Hafiz, Carroll, Robin Williams, Prince (definitely Prince), Cohen, Cave and Ellis, Bosch, Kahlo, Carrington, Amos, Hepburn, Bradbury, Pop (of the Iggy variety), Reed, Sacks, Ernst, Riopelle, de Kooning, Martin, O’Keefe, Kusama, Klee, Kandinsky, Sage, Beauvoir, Sartre (maybe-maybe not he may be too much of a downer), Murakami and Murakami, Falcor, Ono, Wilde, Chagall, Rachmaninoff, Lear, Goethe, da Vinci, Millay, Pegasus,  Marquez, Michelangelo, Mose Vinson,  Van Gough, Dahl (perhaps), Hesse, Dr. Seuss, Sendak, Rilke, Bowie, Betty White, Poehler, Melissa McCarthyLauper, Kate Mckinnon, Chanel, Rothko, Jay de Feo, Redon, Holiday, Simone, Leadbelly, Harlow, Harvey, Captain Beefheart, Diana Ross (potentially Bob Ross too), Waters, Cummings, Auden, YSL, McQueen (Alexander so there’s no confusion), Idle, Gould and the rest TBD.


This new world teams with pandas, narwhals, elephants, foxes, hummingbirds, hawks, blue jays, crows, bees, whales of all variety really except killer whales [because 1) they're not even whales and 2) they fucking suck and nothing that sucks is permitted], fox gloves, oak trees, orchids, magnolias, really damn near everything in the Amazon because it’s majestic, all the majestic things.


It will never get over 75 degrees.  


You can eat or drink whatever you want without ill side effects.


There will be no children in the procreative sense.  However, at any given time residents may choose and have access to themselves at any age.  It will be quite common to see a 5 year old Kit hanging with a 5 year old Dali, Einstein, Kahlo, etc or an 11 yr old Kit with an 11 yr old Wilde, Auden, Hoch, etc.


The residents are all QUEENS. And we can move forward and backwards, sideways, “upside down /inside out/ round and round--” through time, space, dimension and theoretical realms yet undiscovered.


There is no death only rebirth. And the only law governing us all is LOVE.