Meet the Artist


Kit Carlton originally hails from Austin, TX but has called its sister city, Portland, home for nearly a decade. Her path to a studio practice appears rather divergent and sidewinding: she holds a dual BA in Anthropology and English, spent eleven years in the Pink Sector, even wasted some years floundering; but has only earnestly pursed the call to Art within the past few years. However, in this brief span of time she has steadily exhibited works both locally and nationally. Most notably: a brief stint at New York Amory Week and a spot on-set of Hulu’s breakout comedy, ‘Shrill.’  

Much like her unconventional trajectory, Carlton’s work blurs the line between perceived convention and taboo. Her self-coined Nouveau-Vieux Media process starts by employing traditional methods (drawing, painting, etc.) and once a satisfactory result emerges, the work is transferred into the digital realm for further exploration. Often this process reciprocates whereby results yielding from digital processes are incorporated back into the original/analog work. People frequently ask if her Nouveau-Vieux Media work is considered painting or printed photograph. The simplest answer: both. The reality: each work is its own authentic metaphysical inquiry into the connection between the physical and immaterial. In this way, Carlton views her work as a bridge between the two mediums/realms each one influencing the varying fields of perception created by its own particular time, space and place. As such, she strongly encourages the viewer to closely examine her work in efforts to observe the symbiotic relationship therein because she believes that once a viewer internalizes an emotional response to the work in another specific time, space and place the work then becomes by sheer experience a further preservation and transmutation of the work.  

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